My project Team

  • Dr UC Abdul Jaleel (Principal Investigator)
      Dr Jaleel hails from Calicut, Kerala and has a great taste for Open Science, Cheminformatics and a philosopher of mission with a vision. I never knew about his principles until I got to know him not as a teacher but Mentor in friend. Descriptors of Life, Prioritising the works, mind shifting is his extra-academic research domains which he tries to infuse into his students and mould them accordingly. Click to know more

  • Mr Sajeev R is our Mining expert in extracting the useful patters from individuals. His friendly nature and calm gesture is what attracts everyone to him.
    Know more about him
  • Ms Swati is the financial Xpress of our team with her specialities associated from land of Gujarat. She is basically a person of high enthusiasm and courageous lady. Know more about her
  • Ms Rakhila is a strong feminist and a hard worker in her research. I hope one day she will be counted as Lady Scientist of India.Know more
  • Yatindra is the Adrenaline in our group. His basic interests is in leading a massive number of young people towards better drug discovery. Click to take his page
  • Ms Ayisha is a budding chemist in out group, she is well sounded in her imagination and personal arena of her life. Click to know more
  • Mr CKDN (Chandan) is our web designer. With his strength of endurance and love for others, he is the most focused guy among us. click here to Find Chandan
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