Describing myself


Welcome / आपका स्वागत है/വെൽക്കം /  Benvenuto/ Hallo

I am a budding researcher to my core area-  Drug-discovery in 2020.

I hail from land of God’s own country and the country where people used to communicate in 22 different lingua franca across the length and width of the nation. I believe that  success and failures are not predefined and the sole outcome depends one’s attitude to the individual component.

I am a globetrotter and like to visit places of varied interest from small villages to rich cosmopolitans. The whole idea of this is to meet people, to know their interests, talents, capabilities, problems,challenges et cetra.,

Life is what, it depends on the Liver, is one the best quotes I cherish because the pun states, how an individual takes and handles Life. In the past 25 years/ 300 months/ approx 9000 days I learned, relearned and unlearned many things,,,but one thing I have always put close to my chest, is to know What it is To Be loved and What is to Love ??  I will say this as an evolutionary process where  as I mentioned above, the outcome of the immediate past is what holds or is responsible to be the cause for your next future .One can always change or become a changing factor to someone or even to oneself if he/she decides as to what extent I need to develop myself.

My basic interest  is to do something good for the welfare of those who cant achieve wellness without trials and tribulations of their unexplored way of life.


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