The Accidental choice happens to be mine Unexplored field

It was my dream and wish to pursue my studies to the interested field of Biological sciences. But the only question, which people used to ask and suggest was ” to go for coaching class, crack PMT (Pre Medical test) exam and get into medical college, become a Doctor.” But I was not a bright or intelligent one to crack the exams and get into some college. So it was those times when somewhere in the web, Career guidance digest, I happen to read about Genetic Engineering/ Biotechnology/ Research. So I made up my mind to continue my interests in Biological science and started to search for good colleges so as to get enrolled for graduation. In the process of searching, I came to a point where, interest in computers made me to rethink, “Is there any field of Biology+ computer, then came the real entity Bioinformatics”. So I started my college life on 1st July-2008 at Christ College, Rajkot(Guajarat) with the First lesson in Bioinformatics “3 Letter and 1 letter code of Amino acids”.

And so after 3 winters and 3 summers from 2008-2011, I was graduated in BSc Bioinformatics from Saurashtra University, Rajkot in November 2011.

Then what next??

Bachelor was not enough, because to get a true hangover of the subject, I decided to pursue masters…..And then after a gap of 3 months from the time I finished bachelors I joined for Masters in Bioinformatics at St Aloysius College, Mangalore where I happened to learn more on Computational/Stochastic aspects of Bioinformatics and which was successfully completed in May-2013.

So that was my journey with Bioinformatics  in combination with Cheminformatics is still going on @ CSIR-OSDD research unit, IISc, Bangalore.

In these past 5 years, I got credited with one International publication in Applied Biochemistry And Biotechnology (Springer).

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