Error is like signature

There are quite a big number of Professors/Teachers whom we come across in our  Life. To some we do share our problems, doubts, attain knowledge and then time passes, we do relocate ourselves as we complete our course-work and again meet some more thus  the process of meeting new ones and building the relations with old ones goes on…..

But only few are those who affects or molds you like a potter whose designing and mentoring makes you what you are….They are your catalysts who takes you from one point to another without any discrimination of who you are….??

One example for those kind of people was the Professor of Stochastics, whose words  were very much impressive when I made a silly/stupid mistake…and the statement was, “Error is like signature”…..Later he explained, As signature are distinctive, so is the way we make errors. Only the person who makes errors will be the one who knows where and how the error was being made ……So in the examination of life if you make errors, resolve it,  by  understanding  where exactly you made the mistake and  then you will find yourself as a self-correcting and self-motivating signatures.


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