Monday Soup

Be Positive in your thoughts,

Be Productive in your work,

Let Perseverance be your main ingredient to make and mold your life better, more meaningful and more lovely.

As Prof SAM always says, “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential will open the door to excellence.”

Life in March is marching and changing !

Hey there. Got this new opportunity to tell and share something new.

As time moves and takes new pace, one acquire new features that inherently shapes and designs new ways for lifestyle. This is something natural and precursor to change in oneself and thus also helps an individual in the process of changing one’s environment.

Quoting the lines of famous reformer Kumaran Asan , “Reform, change the rules! Else those very rules will be your downfall”, so are the circumstances which though unexpectedly flows into life but after its gestation one experiences a new type of intrinsic feature developed within oneself to handle exceptional moments . Thus it is appropriate to say that,  To every change there is a hidden unseen outcome and unexpected moments, which is certainly positive, good and to longingly desired.

The character of change is essential in oneself because this lets one to renew and forge ahead for new actions and plans. But sincerely, Does change require a precursor ? Well, this would a question of indivisible thoughts.

Let me put it like this…

Change, change and change. Lest you will never know yourself and the reason of your existence.

Change , change and change. So that the world will change through you.

Change, change and change. May you change for Good and goodness alone.

Be the clay of earth and let the potter change you in Changing ways.

Adversity of Life, Accept and live it…!!

adversity-causes-some-men-to-break-others-to-break-records-adversity-quoteLife takes its own scaling parameters ; at times it takes you to the cliff of happiness and at hard times it takes you to dead end where exists only one option of “Accettare le avversità” , Accept the Adversity.

Adversity is the situation when all human beings whether rich or poor, tall or short irrespective of all race are brought into the same cup of bitter wine.  And many times it is at this culmination of extreme sadness or loneliness our brain starts recollecting the prior happy-times of the past….So there is a point where extreme sadness brings into the picture the lost joyous times and because of this crust and trough of brain-waves we start to think something different or in other words one tries to do something different which has never done or thought before.

Many of the discovery and invention happens these time when the brain keeps on sending the signals for trying out different ideas OR  to revive lost peace lost happiness.

Everyone faces this type of situation and the only parameter which brings or gives back the desired things is the Hope of contentment to which one should give more weight-age so as to keep the brain alive by unceasing positive thought process. Afterwards when mind and soul takes up the Good signals the next step is look out for an appropriate chance and go behind it so as to make the different ideas work.

So now lies your real stamina for the proper execution of your innovative ideas to take place…this process is really laborious and time taking which again gives mental and psychological imbalances. In order to balance this momentum of time is essence of calm mind and personal power of reviving peace of mind.

Research and Re-discovering is a state which needs a lot of emotional and mental strength which again depends on a continual review process of ideas and personal bias.